Amazing Science Fairs in Bangalore for KIDS

Bangalore, Karnataka
  • 13 Sep, 2017
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Want to conduct an impeccable science fair in your school??
Contact GYANPRO as we help in conducting and organising an incredible science fair!!

GYANPRO is a campaign which promotes a holistic approach to the art of learning Science for the kids of age group 05 to 14 years.
We help kids build projects by allowing them to experiment, implement their ideas, and work on them.
GYANPRO isn’t only for Science Fairs.!!!
We also conduct Science themed Birthday parties, workshops, Science Project Making, Short courses,etc.

For more details visit our website (www.gyanpro.com) or
Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/gyanpro) page
Contact :
GYANPRO Educational Innovation Pvt Ltd.
Email: enquiry.gyanpro@gmail.com

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